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Access to Your Wedding

Planning Organizer Without

Lugging It Around!

It's true: Any wedding planning organization system will work if you use it and no system will work if you don't. You can buy fancy organizers with all kinds of pockets to keep track of everything you've done as you prepare for your big day. Likewise, you can make a shoebox and a few small dividers work. Or a filing cabinet, or computer software. Any of those can work as your wedding planning organizational system - but they are all limited: All of these have to be with you for them to do any good.

But... what would you say if I told you that there was a way that you could access your organizer anywhere in the world with the push of a few buttons? Interested? I know I would be if I was planning a wedding.

The trick here... and it's a pretty slick trick. Is to get yourself a wedding website (any website that you own will work - though I don't recommend it) and keep a hidden page. It's easy. Just create a page with an address that you don't create any links to but whose address you can easily remember and keep all of your wedding planning records on that page. That way anytime you need to look at your wedding plans they are only as far away as your nearest computer or web enabled phone!

For best results though, choose a wedding website option that gives you password protection. That's why I recommend a specific wedding website as opposed to any old website. You can find wedding websites that offer password protection and in today's world, that's a necessity. You don't want the wrong people having access to your private information.


With password protection you can give all of your guests access the most current information about when, and where your wedding will be, where you are registered, let them RSVP, and so much more. And at the same time you can keep a second password for the information in your wedding planner that you are not ready to make public.


That way, when you need access to your wedding planner, all you have to do is just go online, type in your address and password, and you're in your wedding planner with everything at your finger tips. Imagine being able to check how many people have RSVP'd from your caterers office simply by pulling out your cell phone.

Makes Wedding Planning Easier

A organizational system that I could have accessed from nearly anywhere sure would have made my wedding planning easier when I got married!

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