Saturday, 31 March 2007

Wedding Vows

Traditionally, wedding vows formed an integral part of wedding
ceremonies cross culturally. Although the use of wedding wows
differs greatly from culture to culture, the practice of a
ceremonial exchange of vows has been around since the earliest
days. When two people exchange wows during a wedding ceremony
their words act as a symbolic bond and a promise to each other
in front of their family and friends who act as witnesses..

Wedding vows has undergone many changes throughout the years and
one of the biggest changes was in breaking away from the
traditional 'religious' prescription which differed slightly
from religion to religion. Today most couples prefer to write
and deliver their own personalized vows instead of just reciting
the prescribed vows.

Personalized wedding vows just add that something special to any
wedding ceremony. With more traditional weddings, where the
format sticks to the traditional wedding vows, the ceremony
tends to be very 'stiff'. Wedding vows are supposed to be a
'promise' that two people make to each other in the presence of
family and friends and by just blindly reciting wedding vows it
kind of strips away the meaning.

Writing your own wedding vows need not be a big deal. If you
feel that you still want to stick to the traditional wedding
vows, then you can always add your own vows afterwards. Some
ministers might have a problem with this, but be sure to discuss
this with your minister before hand to see how flexible he/she
would be.

If you are too nervous to deliver your own wedding vows, you can
always consider the option of only writing your wedding vows.
Some couples who prefer a traditional wedding would write their
own wedding vows and include the written vows in the wedding
program or in a separate card.

What it all comes down to is that wedding vows are not what they
used to be. Almost anything goes, but the most important thing
is to do what you are comfortable with. You don't want to spoil
your special day with the wrong choice of wedding vows and if
you are a very emotional person then delivering your own wedding
vows might not be the best option.

Always remember that it is your day and that you get to make the
rules. Don't just conform for the sake of it. Make it fun and
above all make it memorable.

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